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Flat Rate Shipping (Commercial address)
Up to 5 Years Unlimited Mile Warranty
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About Our Used Volkswagen Engines

Rebuilt & Remanufactured Engines For Sale

Our used Volkswagen engines are subject to a detailed visual inspection before being listed. This inspection, performed by our suppliers, ensures each engine meets high standards of quality. Starting with a careful selection of engines that show promise, these units are evaluated and verified for their potential. Whether you're undertaking a classic restoration or looking to upgrade, we're here to assist in finding the perfect engine for your needs.

If you wind up with a rare motor that has one or more parts that go bad, we will replace those parts free of charge while the warranty is in effect. Whether you are looking for a quality replacement for a classic Volkswagen motor or want a newer one, our selection of quality used engines makes ideal options.

We ship free of charge to commercial addresses and only charge $75 to send our used Volkswagen engines to your private address. If you have a garage doing the work, the shipping to it would be free. We also do not make you pay a core charge on a used Volkswagen engine.

We also provide you with our full customer support from start to finish on your project. If you need parts for your Volkswagen, have questions about installing parts, or need any other help, our friendly and professional customer support staff are happy to listen and help solve problems. Finally, we offer a 3-year/ 36,000-mile parts warranty for our used engines in hopes of giving you that peace of mind we all want.

About Our Rebuilt/Remanufactured Volkswagen Engines

Rebuilt & Remanufactured Engines For Sale
We offer a best price Guarantee on our Remanufactured Engines

Best Price Guarantee

We will match or beat any
competitor's pricing.

Our rebuilt and remanufactured Volkswagen engines offer exceptional value, backed by up to a 5-year warranty covering parts and labor for unlimited mileage. This comprehensive warranty provides even more assurance than with a used engine, as every component is enhanced to meet or exceed original specifications. We address and correct manufacturing flaws, including those that have led to recalls, ensuring you receive an engine that surpasses its original condition.

Rebuilt engines feature new factory parts replacing any worn or damaged components, revitalizing the engine's performance. Remanufactured engines go a step further by meticulously correcting any identified factory defects and failure-prone parts before issues arise. This process transforms engines with slight wear into like-new units, providing a dependable engine life comparable to a brand-new motor but at a significantly lower cost. Additionally, we offer a no-core charge policy for 30 days, giving you ample time to swap engines without immediate financial pressure.

Our rebuilt and remanufactured engines are expected to last about as long as a brand-new motor but at a much lower cost to you. There is no core charge for 30 days so you have time to remove the old engine, install the rebuilt or remanufactured motor, and send the old one back to us.

Commonly Asked Questions

Remanufactured Volkswagen engines undergo an extensive process that meticulously corrects any manufacturing flaws. Our approach includes addressing known issues and performing any necessary factory recall work, ensuring each engine is optimized. We exclusively use factory OEM spec parts to maintain the highest quality. In contrast, rebuilt engines are specifically repaired where parts are broken, focusing on restoring functionality.

A remanufactured engine undergoes a very high level of inspection and overhaul. Our mechanics perform any recall work and correct other mechanical issues more commonly known to happen with particular Volkswagen engines while replacing every part. A used Volkswagen engine hasn’t been worked on and has only received a visual quality inspection to verify it’s in working order.

When maintained properly and used reasonably, a remanufactured engine could have the same service life as a new motor. We expect most to last between 150,000 and 200,000 miles at least after we ship it. But you have to maintain it properly to ensure the best possible service life.

Why Choose Our Used and Remanufactured Volkswagen Engines?

our advanced team

Our Advanced Team

Our network includes certified, factory-trained mechanics and top-tier service facilities, ensuring the highest quality of used, rebuilt, and remanufactured Volkswagen engines. With many years of combined automotive expertise, our knowledgeable staff is always on hand to assist you, guaranteeing that you receive the best possible support and service.

customer service

Customer Support Staff

Our friendly and professional staff can help you search engines and parts codes to make sure you are ordering the correct unit for your Volkswagen or another special project. We can run the VIN and ensure any engine or parts that we send to you are the correct ones.

replacement process

Replacement Process

We make it as easy as possible for Volkswagen to replace your worn and tired Volkswagen motor. There is no core charge for 30 days on remanufactured units, so you can take your time in replacing the old motor. Our consistently excellent customer reviews show that we do our best to serve our customers while providing quality engines.

Flat Rate Shipping (Commercial address)

Fast Shipping & Exclusive Warranty

When replacing the motor in your Volkswagen at a local garage or any preferred commercial location, we offer fast, flat-rate shipping for used, rebuilt, or remanufactured engines at no extra cost. For home deliveries, an additional $99 fee will be applied by the shipping carrier if the delivery location does not have a forklift or liftgate available for unloading. Our engines come with up to a 5-year warranty for 50,000 miles on used engines and unlimited mileage on rebuilt and remanufactured engines, ensuring your investment is secure and protected.