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About Our Used Mazda Engines

Rebuilt & Remanufactured Engines For Sale

Finding the best used Mazda engine for sale can be a challenging process. At Reman-Engine, we make it a lot easier. When you purchase a used engine from us, you can expect the best engine available at the most affordable prices and with the highest quality. Although used engines do not undergo any type of rebuilding, like with a remanufactured engine, all our engines are visually inspected before being shipped.

We offer a 3-year/ 36,000-mile used engine parts warranty post-purchase of the most used engines that we have in stock. Used Mazda engines will provide you with countless more miles so you can maximize the mileage of your vehicle without having to go through the cost and hassle of purchasing a new car. We have a range of cheap Mazda engines available, including SkyActiv engines, which are revolutionary engines that deliver excellent fuel efficiency without sacrificing emissions.

We also offer fast flat-rate shipping to any commercial address within the continental United States and no core charge for 30 days. For non-commercial shipments, the shipping cost is only $99 extra to the carrier. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, our highly professional customer service support staff is readily available to assist with your needs.

About Our Rebuilt/Remanufactured Mazda Engines

Rebuilt & Remanufactured Engines For Sale
We offer a best price Guarantee on our Remanufactured Engines

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Our remanufactured Mazda engines for sale excel thanks to our strict quality standards. The remanufacturing process involves reverse engineering each engine, disassembling it, assessing any issues, and reassembling every component using new or OEM parts that meet the original motor specifications. Additionally, inherent defects are identified and known component vulnerabilities are addressed to ensure top-notch quality. All rebuilt and remanufactured engines come with a 5-year/ unlimited mileage parts and labor warranty. With a remanufactured Mazda engine, you are essentially getting a new motor when purchasing through us.

Whether you decide on one of our rebuilt or remanufactured Mazda engines, both options can be upgraded, swapped out with an existing engine, or replaced by a damaged motor. We even carry some of the most popular Mazda engines such as SkyActiv engines. Our remanufactured and rebuilt engines have all parts replaced with new or refurbished components which results in a like-new engine. In many instances, remanufactured and rebuilt engines operate better than the original because they are constructed and controlled under better conditions.

Regardless of which option you choose, you can expect high-quality customer service throughout the process from Reman-Engine, along with fast flat-rate shipping and no core charge for 30 days.

Commonly Asked Questions

A rebuilt Mazda engine is one where only the damaged or worn parts are replaced during the process. All other components in good working order are left alone. That means the parts that are in good condition today, may not be in a few years. However, remanufactured engines have all parts replaced with new or refurbished components, and factory defects that could cause long-term damage are updated.

A used Mazda engine has not had any service applied but still must pass our visual inspection and come out of a running vehicle. A remanufactured engine has been completely restored so it is like a brand-new engine. Used Mazda engines are still safe to drive and in good condition, but some are newer than others with fewer miles under their belt.

A typical remanufactured engine is like purchasing your existing car with a brand-new motor. That means they typically last around 150,000 miles if you keep up on the maintenance, the same as you would with a new engine. Regular oil changes and other maintenance are crucial to keep any engine – new, used, rebuilt, or remanufactured – in good working order.

Why Choose Our Used and Remanufactured Mazda Engines?

our advanced team

Our Advanced Team

Our advanced team of technical experts boasts decades of combined experience in sourcing and finding compatible engines. Their unparalleled expertise ensures that we consistently provide customers with the right engines to meet their specific needs, backed by a deep understanding of automotive technology and a commitment to delivering top-quality solutions.

customer service

Customer Support Staff

When you are in the market for the right Mazda replacement engine, our online dropdown menu can help provide the most accurate quotes possible. Also, our highly-trained and professional technical customer support staff is available to help you find the answers to your questions immediately.

replacement process

Replacement Process

Whether you are purchasing a used, remanufactured, or rebuilt engine, our customer service can help you with each step throughout the process. If you are interested in learning more about the engines we have provided to past customers, reach out to customer service for countless reviews that confirm our commitment to quality.

Flat Rate Shipping (Commercial address)

Flat Rate Shipping (Commercial address) & Exclusive Warranty

All Mazda engines are shipped quickly at a flat rate to commercial and residential properties across the United States. With our 5-year/ unlimited mileage warranty on parts and labor in rebuilt or remanufactured engines, we guarantee our work so you can rest assured of receiving the best engines around.